Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot

We met up with my parents for dinner since they happened to be on our side of the bay this evening. We had dinner at Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot in San Mateo. (Hints: they take reservations only for parties of 6 or more and parking lots are free after 6pm in San Mateo, some lots are multilevel but you have to find the separate entrance for the upper levels).

Ron and I arrived around 7:30pm on this Saturday evening and I put my name down for a party of 4. They told me the wait would be about 40 to 45 minutes. Surprisingly, it was more like 30 to 35 minutes only.

We were seated in a booth in the corner so it was likely quieter there than in the middle of the restaurant since the booths have high backs to block out some of the noise.

You order by checking stuff off a list and the waiter recommended that 4 people usually order about 10 dishes, since we felt a bit hungry, we ordered 14 + dessert. Also, we went with the half regular broth (left) and half spicy broth (right) although the spicy wasn’t spicy enough so Ron asked for additional spicy sauce and poured the entire bowl in.

Here’s a selection of the other things we ordered which include: a-choy, napa cabbage, goose intestines, chicken feet, assorted meatballs, assorted tofu platter, and thick noodles. Not pictured but we also had lamb, fatty beef (really good), premium beef, fried fish cake…

Getting ready to start cooking!

Everything was really good except maybe the lamb meatballs a bit gamey. The noodles seemed fresh made and were nice and chewy. We all really enjoyed the fried fish cake as it was a bit like fried tofu but kind of chewy… hard to describe but let’s just say it was good. We basically finished everything but still had a bit of dessert with the sweet yam with red bean cake.

No sauces were included with the meal, they are 50 cents each and I think we ended up ordering two, one was kind of like minced garlic and the other was a fermented bean sauce of some sort. We also ordered two beers and our meal came out to be about $25 per person (what you would expect from and all-you-can-eat place but with better quality).

A good meal for a cold evening.

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot
215 S. Ellsworth Ave
San Mateo, CA

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