Look how tall I’ve grown!

Day 286

When Simon was almost 5 months old, Ron won this Despicable Me toy from Santa Cruz.

Now at almost 9.5 months old, Simon seems to have grown quite a bit!

He can stand up pretty straight with his feet flat on the ground. He has been using this car to kind of get around but when he feels unsure, he’ll sit down right away. Also, the base of the car gets in the way of his feet so he almost trips over himself and the toy while trying to move with it.

Simon went to visit Grandma and Grandpa Chung since Grandma was just coming back from Taiwan. Here he is exploring his crib there, now he is able to stand up on it. Ron had to lower the mattress so that Simon wouldn’t try to crawl out.

But, nap time ended up being in his new padded play area since Simon needed to be cuddled to sleep for some reason, the first time in a long time. He’s been teething so probably quite uncomfortable.

I miss seeing Simon sleep like this: arms up!

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