Lot 1 Food Court, Sim Lim, and Rochor Tofu

We didn’t eat real food today, just snacks!

Since we were heading to the MRT, we stopped by the CCK Lot One food court for a snack of Taiwanese goodies. We had the oyster noodle soup, fried chicken chop, and papaya pearl drink.

After some shopping at Sim Lim for electronics. We went to their food court for some spicy ramen, fried chicken, and thai style chicken. Ron bought me this weird green drink with tapioca in it but I had no idea what flavor it was.

In the evening, we went to have the famous Rochor bean curd and “yao tiao”. The line was long but it went fast and the bean curd was creamy and good.

Right next door is another bean curd place which apparently is owned by a relative or friend of the place we ate at. The rumor is they had some sort of fight so they split up to compete with each other. But the line was so much longer at the place we ate at. Too bad we probably won’t have the chance to try out the other place to compare.

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