MAC Cosmetics Hello Kitty Collection

Last month my co-worker Monica received an invitation in the mail from MAC Cosmetics on Union St in SF for the release of the Hello Kitty Collection. I had seen pictures of the collection from the Hello Kitty World Blog but was really excited to see it in person!

The event was tonight, starting at 7pm and it was pretty crowded. There was a line outside the door to check in and after entering, you had to squeeze your way through the crowd. There are two collections, one is more “sweet” and the other is more “dark”. I only liked bits and pieces of each collection. I like MAC makeup because they’re relatively inexpensive and now I like it even more because they teamed up with Sanrio!

Surprisingly there were some items that sold out within the first 30 minutes of the doors opening. We didn’t even get to really see those items that were sold out.

Only a few pictures so share (there wasn’t really any room to take photos…)

I wanted one of these balloons but they were all anchored down so no luck stealing one as we walked out the door…

They had some good looking guys serving drinks, passing trays of cookies, and all dolled-up.

They didn’t have the things I really wanted like the large leather vanity… they said it’s only available online (which won’t be until Feb 12th!) but the face powder and lipsticks are really cute because they have a Hello Kitty imprinted in the powder and stick. It’s almost too cute to use but I’m still going to use it so it won’t go to waste. The cases for the eye shadows and powder are really cute too, it’ll be nice to be able to buy refills and not have to get rid of the case, I just hope Hello Kitty’s image doesn’t rub off.

So Yay! 😀

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