New sleeping arrangements

So as I’ve mentioned a few times, Mochi and Misu sort of terrorize Maxwell. We created this sleeping spot for Maxwell that was put on top of the place where we keep our shoes, it’s about 3 feet off the ground and Maxwell has to jump on a few boxes to reach his bed. One day, Misu and Mochi discovered this bed and kicked Maxwell out and started sleeping in it instead. So Maxwell was banished again to underneath the couch. So we attempted to create some new sleeping spaces for all of them. Mochi and Misu got cardboard boxes filled with soft bedding and soft blankets. At first they refused to sleep in them but after a few days of sniffing around and exploring, Ron found them like this:

Notice that they are ignoring the bigger box right next to them… silly cats!

We made Maxwell a little cave. It’s made from our little foot rest that is part of our papasan chair. It’s upside down and filled with a cushion and blankets and then covered with another blanket. So for now he has a safe place to sleep since the other two cats can’t get inside it, they’re a bit too fat.

Because I thought they might be uncomfortable in the smaller box, I just moved their bedding into the larger box… for some reason they like this blue fleece blanket. Probably because it used to belong to Maxwell so they always want what Maxwell has. Just like jealous siblings.

We’ll see how long this lasts…

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