Macaroni Grill and Sleep Training Night #1

Friday, March 21, 2014

As Simon requested, he got the same lunch as yesterday (homemade Lunchables) except with a change in the fruits to strawberries and muscat grapes.

Tonight was our night to eat out so we decided to try Macaroni Grill. Iris had a short nap before we headed out. She sucks her thumb sometimes to help her fall asleep.

There was a short wait at the restaurant to be seated which was great for hungry Simon. Both kids liked the bread.

“Hmm, what’s this?”

“Mmmm… pretty yummy!”

Simon must have picked up this “leaning” pose from somewhere… I love it!

I had one of their special drinks made with ginger and cream. It was refreshing but not very gingery. It was missing the “kick”.

Dinner was pretty good though. I had some lobster ravioli and these cheese filled tortellini-like pasta with butternut squash and pumpkin seeds. Simon even ate his spaghetti. He loved coloring on the paper tablecloths too. Another place to add on to our “family friendly” restaurants.

So I decided a few days ago that it was time to start sleep training with Iris. I have been exhausted with her waking up every 2-4 hours during the night and needing to nurse in order to fall back asleep. Ron did the sleep training for Simon where he let Simon “cry it out” until he fell asleep. It took about 1 week for Simon to sleep through the night (meaning 8pm-6am). I didn’t want to be so “rough” on Iris so I am going to try a modified “cry it out” where you put the baby to bed drowsy and go back in intervals to offer comfort but without picking up the baby. I decided to start tonight since if it didn’t go well, at least we could all sleep in during the weekend.

Since we went out for dinner, she got her bath late but at least she ate a good dinner and had a full belly. After her bath, a book, and a song, I held her for a bit, gave her a kiss, and put her in her crib and said “good night, I love you”, pat her on her belly, and walked out of sight. She started whimpering and crying so after 5 minutes I went to pat her back and quietly say “good night, I love you” again before walking out of sight. She was still crying and upset so I went in after 10 minutes again to comfort her then walked out of sight again. She fell asleep about 5 minutes after I walked away and slept for about 10 minutes with her face smushed against her bed.

She woke up again and readjusted herself and starting whimpering again so I went to comfort her and about 10 minutes after I walked out of sight, she was asleep. I went to check on her and she seemed comfortable.

So night #1 is off to a pretty good start.

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