Macy’s Sex in the City Event

Day 79

Gap has these really cute super hero clothes for kids made by Junk Food Clothing.  Recently I bought this one for Simon.  It is still a little big (6-12 month size) so he’ll grow into it but I just thought it was very cute.


We hadn’t been out all day so in the evening time when my friend Kathleen invited us to meet for dinner, we decided to head out and get some fresh air.  There was also a Sex in the City event going on at Macy’s Union Square so we decided to drop by there too.  At the event, they were giving away a free scarf, free cocktails, mini cupcakes, appetizers, express manicures, and much more.

The host of the event was Nick Verreos, a contestant from Season 2 of Project Runway.  Simon’s first time meeting a celebrity!  We had our photo taken with him:


Simon got a whiff of my grapefruit cosmopolitan.  He looks a little scared by it.


Simon was probably a little overwhelmed by all the noise and lights but he was a good boy and didn’t get cranky at all.  Once we sat down to dinner at Burger Bar, he quickly fell asleep and stayed asleep until we got home.

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