Wearing your baby

Day 80

I love watching Simon when he is on his tummy.  He makes funny faces, smiles, laughs, moves his arms, kicks his legs, and just seems like he is having so much fun.  Although as he gets tired, his head slowly droops and he gets a bit cranky.  We’re glad that his head slowly droops rather than falling like a rock, we’re always afraid he will bonk his head.


Also he really talks up a storm while watching his mobile.  Before he would just calmly look at it and usually turn his head away after a few seconds.  Now he often seems like in a trance then will start talking really loudly to it or to himself (we’re not sure which).  It startled us the first time since we though he was yelling and crying but he was just having a jolly good time.


While I was taking a nap, Ron was taking care of Simon and I woke from my nap to find Ron sporting a new accessory:


Since Ron needed his hands free to work on the computer and prepare dinner, he strapped Simon to his chest with the Baby Bjorn.  Apparently Simon had been fussing and didn’t want to lie down and play on his playmat so this was the solution.  It seems like Simon’s neck is strong enough to support his head so we can “wear” him like this now.  We are going to work on his back now to get him to sit up by himself.

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