Mandarin and a Movie

Today was mostly a stay at home day. We ordered Pizza Hut delivery for lunch and stayed in to watch Fantastic Four, Rise of the Silver Surfer.

I went out in the afternoon to the Dover Community Center which is just right down the street to sign up for Mandarin Conversational Classes which are to start on Monday. Apparently there are 7 people already enrolled and I am the only one of Chinese ethnicity. I get mistaken all the time for understanding Chinese but I hope this won’t be the case this time.

In the evening, we went to VivoCity to watch this Korean movie called “Legendary Courtesan: Hwang Jin Yi”. It’s a movie about a woman who was raised as an aristocrat but once she discovers a secret about herself, she becomes a gisaeng. A gisaeng is similar to the Japanese geisha in that they provide entertainment for men, they are not prostitutes. The movie itself was very moving and the story quite sad. I’m not sure how true to her life the movie is because the short explanation I found online differs a bit. I recommend watching the movie if you like dramas with a little bit of action mixed in.

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