Ron’s 30th Birthday

Today was Ron’s 30th birthday.


Unfortunately Ron had a meeting from 11:30-12 and class from 2-6:30pm today then I had my first Chinese class from 7:30-9pm so we couldn’t really have dinner. So instead we decided to go have lunch. It started pouring really hard around 11:30am so we took a taxi to Holland Village.

We made a little video to show how hard the rain was pouring. I originally was going to walk to INSEAD to meet up with Ron after his meeting but I got so soaked just walking to the front of our apt building that I turned back and that’s why we ended up taking a taxi 😛

See if you can hear how loud it is on this video I uploaded to YouTube:

There were quite a few restaurants across the street from Holland Village. It’s a bit of a secluded street but there were Italian and French restaurants plus bakeries and other stores. We decided on Bistro Petit Salut.

They had a very affordable $22 set menu including appetizer, main dish, dessert plus coffee or tea. Here’s our lovely meal:

Of course I had the 1/2 dozen escargot

Ron had the seared baby bay scallops with potatoes and black truffle vinagrette (his knife is pointing at the baby scallops)

Crispy chicken confit with mashed potatoes

Seared beef fillet with mashed potatoes and shallots. Ron is still went from the rain outside.

Yummy creme brulee with hot (strong!) coffee.

Kiwi shortcake with mango sorbet.

By the time we finished the rain stopped and Ron had to get to school. I headed back with him and headed to the library to get some guidebooks for our upcoming trips.

Ron apparently was made to sing Happy Birthday to himself during class today but everyone kindly signed a card of well wishes. I would’ve felt so silly singing to myself 😛

Chinese class was fun. Some of the things I had learned in classes I’ve taken before but it’s more fun taking it with people you know.

We’re going to be celebrating Ron’s birthday again later this week as his class schedule was kind of kooky for the beginning of the week. So I’m sure we’ll have more to share later in the week.

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