Matching Outfits

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Simon’s lunch of mini sausages cut into fish and crab, cheesy pasta, mango, and a few chocolate covered pomegranate seeds. This time I didn’t burn the sausages!

Simon’s newest artwork.

Iris loves playing with Simon’s old activity table. We finally dug it out of the garage and cleaned it up so she could play with it.

These days I need to ask Simon’s permission to take a picture of him. He knows I take a picture of him every day but he won’t smile for me unless I ask him, “Simon, may I take your picture for today?” then he will pose for me and look into the camera.

I didn’t notice until they were both playing together that they had matching outfits! Yellow tops and dark jeans. They changed out of their pajamas at different times and I pick out Iris’ outfit and Ron helps Simon pick out his. So this was a funny coincidence!

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