Sofa Fortress and Peanut Butter Challenge

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Simon’s lunch of broccoli, pizza rolls, strawberries, and a Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie. Simon usually does not like mint flavored things but I let him have a a Girl Scout cookie last night and he liked it, most likely because the chocolate masked the flavor of the mint.

After my lunch today, I took a brisk walk to my favorite store on Telegraph Ave: Ruby’s Garden. I left my phone at home today so didn’t have an easy way to tell the time since I stopped wearing a watch long ago. So I went to Ruby’s Garden since it was close and they have a clock so I could tell when I had to leave to get back to reopen the pharmacy. On my way out, one of the owners came running after me with a gift for Iris: cute Hello Kitty bibs! Thank you Mary! This is why I support this business, they are always so kind and thoughtful plus they carry great products. These bibs are perfect for Iris’ recent excessive drool!

Our sofa became Simon’s fortress for hiding.

My little girl in her Hello Kitty track suit.

Iris’ little belly.

Iris now has 8 teeth! Lots of drooling lately leads to soaked necklines. Iris has been “stealing” Simon’s toys lately and Simon hasn’t been too happy about it. He gets kind of whiny and says “No! Mei Mei!” then tries to take his toys back. But if he’s not playing with it right then, he will let her have it. She’s just a little busy body and curious about what everyone else is doing.

I forgot to mention that last night Iris had a few Cheerios with peanut butter and did not have any reaction! Yay! I hope this means she is not and will not be allergic to peanuts. Her pediatrician says the sort of “golden” period was 8-9 months old for her to have mother’s milk protection from potential allergens. I am still hopeful that Simon may grow out of his peanut allergy or when he gets older, to try to enroll him in a desensitization trial.

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