Mellben Seafood on Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 Blk 232

It’s been welcome week for INSEAD so there have been quite a few events going on for them and I’ve also been quite busy with work. You know it is after you’ve been on vacation for a while… it can be difficult to get back into work.

Tuesday night we had Bar of the Week at No. 5 Emerald Hill, which we’d been to last year as well. Ron and I shared lychee martinis and had a good time catching up with all our friends and hearing what they did on their winter break. It was pouring rain that day though so that part wasn’t so fun.

Friday night we again went to Samy’s Curry and this time it was a bit more expensive per person because I think we had less people but ate the same amount! Well I’m exaggerating… but the food was still really good. They’ve remodeled since the last time we’ve been there and there’s some new restaurants open next door. It was extremely jammed packed with people and cars. It’d probably be better to go on a weekday when it’s not so busy to try their fish head curry.

On Saturday we went to Sentosa as Bain & Company hosted their welcome week party at the KM8 bar. We missed the bus to Sentosa because we went to have dinner first so ended up taking a cab. But funny enough, the bus was still waiting at the ticket counter so we got off the cab and boarded the bus instead to be taken inside to KM8. It was a nice cool night to relax on the beach.

Today we had the best crab I’ve every eaten. One of the students, Jackson, who’s lived in Singapore many years invited a big group of us to try the best crab he’s ever eaten. Apparently this place, Mellben Seafood, usually has a long long line and they have plastic chairs set out especially for those who have to wait. They open at 4:30pm so we arrived at 4pm so that we wouldn’t have to queue as long.

It was a really good thing that we arrived early because it started storming really heavily, complete with thunder and lightning right above our heads.

But the food was worth the danger. We had fresh steamed shrimp, fish cake, chili crab, black pepper crab, crab bee hoon, and my favorite (!) butter crab.

The best was using the fried steam buns and dipping it into the butter crab sauce. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it again…

We had to roll ourselves home as we were so stuffed. I don’t want to know what my cholesterol is like after this.. I think I’d better eat fruits all week!

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