Takashimaya Basement 2

I have been quite stressed all week because I had to prepare a presentation for Thursday morning. Each month, 2 or 3 pharmacists present a 15-minute patient case presentation for the other pharmacists and pre-registration pharmacists to listen and hopefully learn something. I felt like I didn’t have enough time to prepare because I didn’t get all my information about the patient until last Friday and had to research the topic (ovarian cancer) a bit more since I’ve still got a lot to learn about these solid tumors. But although I was stressed, I don’t think I really needed to be because everything worked out in the end. I think it’s just that I hadn’t given any sort of talk in many months and because I tend to talk quite fast so that some people cannot understand me. Oh well…

But one piece of good news, I found out I passed the pharmacy forensic exam! The Singapore Pharmacy Board sent me an SMS on Monday that I passed! So did my friend Joyce and I’m taking her lead and posting my SMS message on this blog… hehe…

Yes I know, kind of nerdy 😛

However, I didn’t have time to celebrate that evening and have been cooped up working on my presentation that I just wanted to go out somewhere. That somewhere ended up being Takashimaya Basement 2 for dinner. We didn’t really know what to eat and there wasn’t any space for us to sit so we just ordered some things to eat while standing:

Southeast Asian version of a hotdog, black pepper sausage wrapped in a prata

From the okonomiyaki stall, fried noodles mixed with egg

Bacon and cheese takoyaki

Original takoyaki (squid)

Sometimes it’s just nice to get out of the house, it doesn’t mean you have to go anywhere fancy, just to breath some fresh air and not be at work or home.

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  1. jon and kat

    oh man we were just in japan for 3wks we totally missed each other. the food was good eh? we loved the mall food and takoyaki / tako balls.

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