Mochi and Misu’s New Home

Sunday, February 9, 2014

I get a kick out of Iris’ eating yogurt pictures.

Last week, I received a call from Home At Last with information about a potential adopter for Mochi and Misu. We’ve been talking through the week and she really wanted to adopt them and she sounded like she would be a great owner for them. She lives in Redding which is a 3 hour drive from Berkeley. So we decided that we would meet about halfway in between so that neither of us would need to make the whole drive. We decided to make a little road trip of it and stop to have lunch in Williams, CA. Iris had a nice long nap and Simon got to play with the iPad.

The kitties meowed for the first 40 minutes of the car ride but eventually quieted down. They would only meow when I turned back to look at them in the back of the minivan.

Our meeting place was Granzella’s in Williams and we bid farewell to the kitties so they could make their way for another hour and a half to their new home. I was sad to see them go but also glad that they will have a nice warm home and be spoiled by their new owner.

We had lunch in the restaurant before heading back home.

I had the Reuben sandwich with onion rings. It was so-so. The rye bread got really soggy and the onion rings weren’t as crispy as I would like them but everything tasted okay.

Simon even took a bite of my sandwich and said it was good. He usually doesn’t like to try new things so this was surprising. He ended up having kid’s fish and chips but likes the chips more than the fish.

On the way back, Simon, Iris, and I had a nice nap while Ron drove. He stopped off at a reef store in Vallejo while the kids continued to sleep for a bit.

Good to be home!

Check out Iris dancing! When Iris hears a song she likes, she will stop what she is doing and start wiggling her little bootie around.

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