Mommy’s Little All Star

Day 265

Simon is growing into this 9-month old clothes. One of his outfits are these PJs of Mommy’s all Star, complete with shoe-like footsies. He is playing with his diaper wipes case since we have moved to changing his diaper while laying him down on the ground since he moves around too much now on the changing table. Lower is better.

Ron took Simon the Parents’ Place again for some playtime and Simon was very interested in the gears on this box. When one moves, they all move. Now Ron thinks we should get him one for home too.

In the afternoon, Simon went to visit Grandpa Chung at the office. He got to playing with the chair and got himself stuck underneath. So he tries to act like a horse with a bit and push his way out.

Poor Simon has some pimples recently but I guess they don’t bother him like they bother us. I’m guessing they are due to hormone changes in my milk since we wash his face with water every time after meals and also with light soap during bath time.

The little guy didn’t want to sleep tonight so didn’t get to bed until almost 9:30pm. He has also been having strange nights, sometimes sleeping straight through until 6am or sometimes waking up around 2am crying. We’ll let him cry it out and he usually will go back to sleep but not until he stands up in his crib, wailing for 5-10 minutes, then fidget until he falls asleep again. It is sort of unpredictable when this happens. I guess we can’t all have a good night’s sleep every night.

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