Monkey Simon

Day 241

We’ve been trying to encourage Simon to drink water but it hasn’t been going that well. We tried it in a cup but he tries to grab the cup so the water spills. We tried letting him sip from a water bottle and that worked for a while but then for some reason he started to refuse it. We tried letting him suck water from a straw but he also stopped doing it. So Ron tried out this bottle that my mom bought for Simon that has two handles so that he could try drinking himself. Simon just seemed confused and didn’t know what to do with it.

Simon has a few costumes so he started early with wearing them. Here he is dressed up in his monkey outfit.

He dressed up for dinner this evening. The monkey suit kept him really warm and made him kind of poofy. The suit has padding in the front and back. The ladies at the restaurant were staring at Simon since he also had a little monkey tail in the back of the suit.

He is getting heavier every day… Ron’s last estimate was 21.5 lbs with our home scale. His next doctor’s appointment is in December so we’ll find out his next official height, weight, head circumference at that time.

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