Lunch at Red Bowl Noodles

Day 242

This morning we took Simon to Gymboree for his second free class then we signed him up for weekly classes using a Groupon that I bought a while back. This time he didn’t have as much fun (at least not much laughing) but seemed to enjoy being free to crawl around on his hands and knees. Here he is playing ball with Ron.

After Gymboree, we had lunch at a place called Red Bowl Noodles (formerly TK Noodle). This is the beef stew rice stick. Lots of meat and lots of noodles. Yummy yum.

Ron’s combo noodles with won tons, beef balls, and various other things.

The fried egg rolls. Had a bit too much dough so kind of chewy instead of crispy. Insides were piping hot and the outer layer was very crispy.

Simon has been playing with his spoons but as you can see, he hasn’t figured out which way is the correct one to put in his mouth yet.

We spent the rest of the day at home cleaning up after ourselves. We haven’t really organized ourselves since Simon was born so our place needed a thorough cleaning. We thought it best to do it today since we finally had a free day and was tired from being away two weekends in a row. Simon seemed happy about it as he played about with his toys. He loves standing now and it’s so much easier on us since he can get himself into the standing position without our help. Although he has tipped over and knocked his head but recovers fast.

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