More on MAC Hello Kitty Collection

I’ve been seeing a few hits on my blog searching for the MAC Hello Kitty Collection so just thought I’d share some photos about the actual products.

This is what the lipstick case looks like.

The color of this lipstick is called “Most Popular” and it has this really cute imprint of Hello Kitty on the lipstick itself. Friends keep on asking me will I use this, of course I will (and have)!

This is the eyeshadow case.

The powder case, I love the sparkles on the black.

I’ll hate to destroy the imprint of Hello Kitty on the powder itself but I don’t believe in buying Hello Kitty items and not using them.

Seems like they’ve been having lots of events at department stores. I walked through Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom’s and all the products were on display and offering free makeovers. I was talking with the cashier at Trader Joe’s last night and she said they had a model at Bloomingdale’s wearing one of those huge pink cotton candy things like in the advertisements. (The ad is a bit weird…)


You can also find the makeup bags and keychain at the Sanrio store in downtown San Francisco. You can find lots of events posted on Facebook.

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