Sophie’s Crepes & Halu

I had a craving for crepes after hearing my co-worker Patsy talk about them so after work, Ron took me to Japantown for some Sanrio shopping and crepes. Patsy told me there was a new Sanrio store open in Japantown so of course I had to go see. It’s one of the new boutique shops of Sanrio. For a picture of the storefront, check out Patsy’s blog here. I got myself a new coffee mug, a sweatshirt, and a cute green frog for my friend.

Afterwards, we stopped at Sophie’s Crepes to satisfy my crepe craving. I ordered the strawberry and nutella crepe (for $5.37 total). The crepe seemed a bit overcooked, too crispy but the strawberries were refreshing and the nutella nice and gooey.

We stopped by Sports Basement afterwards just to check it out, we’ve never been there before. I get a 10% discount from work. It would’ve been great if we found something but didn’t find anything we wanted just then. We do need new bindings and maybe new boots for our snowboards but probably won’t get them until the end of winter.

Afterwards we were craving Japanese for dinner and went to check out this local place called Halu. We’ve passed by it a few times before while looking for parking in the area and I read good reviews about it on Yelp! so thought it a good place to try. They serve mostly yakitori, ramen, and rice dishes. The place is very unique, very small… they have tons of Beatles paraphernalia and great Beatles music!

We had some sake. Light and refreshing.

The deluxe yakitori combination platter. There’s no choice but a good selection of 7 skewers. From left to right: chicken wings, shrimp, okra, mushrooms, chicken, chicken meatballs, and beef (the beef was the best).

The agedashi tofu. Was a bit soggy but the sauce very tasty.

Chasu ramen. Soup was a bit bland but with the addition of a bit of spices, much better. The soup is very “creamy” so watch out. The pork was very tender, almost melted in your mouth. The ramen was thinner than I liked but cooked well.

Overall, I probably wouldn’t return for the chasu ramen but they do have a special butter garlic ramen that might be yummy and also have okonomiyaki which we’ll have to go back and try. The beef yakitori was the best and the people sitting next to us had asparagus wrapped in bacon which looked really good too so we’d have to try other yakitori options if we go there again.

Sophie’s Crepes
1581 Webster Street (between Geary Blvd & Post St)
Near Kinokuniya Bookstore

312 8th Avenue (between Clement St & Geary Blvd)

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