Move-in Day and In-n-Out

So today we moved into our new SF apartment but the first thing we had to do was to empty our PODS storage unit in Vallejo. PODS is an excellent concept where they drop off a container at your doorstep, you fill it up on your own time, then you schedule them to pick it up and they store it for you while you pay a monthly fee.

Our problem with them came when we wanted to have the POD deliver to South San Francisco so that we could unload it into Ron’s dad’s warehouse. From Vallejo to South SF is about 40 miles. BUT, the PODS customer service quoted the cost to be almost $1000 because they would have to transfer the POD from the East Bay franchise to the South Bay franchise and that involves a fee which they pass onto the customer! The POD would have to be delivered to Hayward first then delivered to South SF. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? That adds another 20 miles at least.

So to save our sanity, we rented a huge Penske truck and went to Vallejo to unload the unit ourselves and although it involved more time on our part, it cost only about $200! It makes no sense that they pass on the franchise transfer cost to the consumer. They make it sound so simple on their website and ads to use their service and it turns out to not be so easy afterall…

These are pictures of our apartment while it’s still empty.

We had dinner at In-N-Out Burger after the tiring day of moving. Try “animal style” fries!

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