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Burke Williams Spa and Jody Maroni’s

I spent a relaxing morning at the Burke Williams Spa. For Christmas, Ron presented me a package of pregnancy massages and this was my first visit. I’ve had one previous massage while pregnant at La Biang Thai where they have you lie on your side. At Burke Williams, they have a special pillow that has a cut-out in the center for your chest and belly and you are supported by your shoulders and thighs. It was so comfortable! I miss being able to sleep on my stomach… I wish I could get one of those pillows for home!

Included with the pregnancy massage is a complimentary milk bath. It’s a private bath with or without jacuzzi jets and they supply you with cucumbers for your eyes, an ice cold towel, ice cold water to drink, and a platter of fresh cut fruits. It was lovely, I almost fell alseep. The tub is the perfect size for me too so that I’m not in danger of drowning if I slip down too far. I’m looking forward to my next few sessions before baby makes his appearance.

Ron met me for lunch so we just went downstairs to the food court of Westfield. We ended up at Jody Maroni’s which is a sausage sandwich place. It’s in the corner on the Bloomingdale’s side.

I ordered the Kobe Beef Hot Dog… just thought it sounded interesting. It is served on an onion roll. I missed bread… I didn’t allow myself to eat the whole thing though. I couldn’t really tell it was Kobe Beef, just tasted like regular beef so I don’t think I’d pay the extra cost the next time around.

Ron ordered the chicken pomegranate sausage with garlic fries. The sausage is served with grilled onions and peppers. A bit sweet and spicy.

After my morning massage I had a lot more energy, I did four loads of laundry, cleaned up the house, baked, and did some sewing. It was a nice way to end the long weekend.

King Foot Subs

Having the day off in the middle of the week is weird but great! I wish we could have holidays like this more often. Although I’m sure it’s going to be really busy at work tomorrow… but so far had a great day today.

Started with sleeping in then having lunch down the street at King Foot Subs. Today they happened to be celebrating their 34th Birthday! So they are offering a free soda and free bag of chips with any 14″ sub purchase, through December 11, 2009.

We ordered their Kalbi King Sub. Filled with kalbi, kimchi, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese. The bread is nicely toasted. They split the sub for us, first in half, then into quarters. It was quite filling. Cost ~$14. A bit expensive but then this was a specialty sub. The regular King size subs are ~$10. The large subs are ~$5.

Since it’s so close by, I’ll definitely go back again.

The rest of the day was spent at Starbucks, catching up on some reading and enjoying a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Then some shopping, big crowds were out today, guess there were a lot of people with the day off today. Then finally, my Dyson DC25 Animal arrived which I ordered refurbished from Overstock. It works wonders… I vacuumed one carpet and it looks brand new, it sucked up all the cat hair and dust. Since it arrived so late, I didn’t want to disturb the neighbors too long so I’ll wait for the weekend to finish cleaning. I can’t wait for a nice clean apartment, free of cat hair (except for the hair on the cats).

This is how I found Mochi and Misu when I arrived home, sleeping cuddled up together.

King Foot Subs
724 Bush St

Pearl’s Deluxe Burgers

I had heard Pearl’s serves a great Kobe beef burger so on this beautiful San Francisco evening, a group of us went and ordered burgers and fries to go, walked to Union Square and enjoyed dinner on the steps.

Kobe beef burger with bacon.

Chili cheese fries.

The burger wasn’t as good as I thought it would be but it was nice to sit outside in Union Square enjoying a meal with good friends. I think next time though, we’ll eat in and maybe try a buffalo burger. The bread was just a little soggy after being in the takeout box.

Pearl’s Deluxe Burgers
708 Post St (between Jones St & Leavenworth St)

Giants vs Reds at AT&T Park

Ron had won some free tickets for the Giants vs Reds game today at AT&T Park. It was a beautiful day and we had great seats. It’s quite a trek around the ballpark though but with great views.

Before settling down in our seats, we walked around checking out the food. This was Ron’s first time at the ballpark so we just wanted to see each level. We finally settled on a few food items like the bacon wrapped hot dog.

Included are chips and salsa.

The hot dog is wrapped with bacon, covered with some melted cheese and grilled jalapenos.

Ron wanted the fish and chips along with a beer.

Lastly (and later on), the chicken nuggets with Gilroy garlic fries.

View from our lower box seats. It was good to be protected from the sun and since it was a nice day, it wasn’t windy or cold.

It was a pretty exciting game with 2 home runs by the Giants. We left during the 9th inning to avoid the crowds and the Giants were winning.

A nice way to spend the afternoon.

Dynamo Donut, Tartine Bakery, Bi-rite, Rosamunde Sausage Grill, and Three Twins Ice Cream

Today was quite the busy eating day around San Francisco. We tried so many great places… let’s start at the beginning at 1pm.

We first started out at Dynamo Donuts in the Mission. Our friends said they sometimes have this maple bacon donut but sadly, not today. Instead, we tried their ginger orange (on the left) and lemon pistachio (on the right) with a Gibralter (a very strong but mini cappuccino). The donuts were okay but not something I’d try again, I’d want other more unique flavors. The coffee was delicious though and kept me going all day long.

Next stop, something salty for lunch at Tartine Bakery. The line was out the door but we were lucky enough to secure a table for 5 inside the bakery. The hardest part was for Ron to find parking in the area. I took about 15 minutes to place our order and another 15-20 minutes for our sandwiches to arrive. I ordered a lemon cream tart and a croissant to go and two pressed sandwiches for Ron and I to share. They serve sandwiches starting after 12pm.

I ordered their spicy turkey sandwich with provolone and broccoli rabe pesto. The sandwiches were huge and good enough for two meals (there are 3 pieces in these boxes). They are served with a spicy pickled carrot. I couldn’t really taste any spiciness but I loved the broccoli rabe pesto and the toasted bread itself was so delicious.

I ordered Ron the Jambon Royale and Gruyere which is Niman Ranch smoked and cured ham with dijon mustard on country bread. Gruyere so yummy.

It’s great there were five of us so we could mix and match pieces of sandwich. I also got to try the Proscuitto and Provolone, the pastrami, and the mozzarella and tampenade. All very good and unique. The tampenade was especially interesting. It’d be great to take this away to the park and have a picnic.

Afterwards, we went to Bi-rite Market just down the street from Tartine. I realize now that there is the Bi-Rite Creamery probably just a few doors away but in my eagerness, we missed it. But no matter, the market still sells their famous salted caramel ice cream. We also picked up a pint of the balsalmic strawberry ice cream. We went back to our friend’s place to try them out.

Even after putting them in the freezer for an additional 15-20 minutes, the ice cream was still creamy and not as solid, just as their warning mentions (on the door of the market freezer, they warn because of the sugar content, the ice cream probably won’t be as hard as you’re used to. The salted caramel was so creamy and yummy, almost like a very thick milkshake. At first it overpowered the strawberry but after finishing off the salted caramel, the strawberry flavor is quite light with the hint of balsamic at the finish.

Dinner for the evening as at Rosamunde Sausage Grill in Lower Haight. I ordered the beer sausage topped with sauerkraut and grilled onions. You order your sausage types first then when they’re done on the grill, they ask for your desired toppings and you pay. They also have hot pepper and chili. Plus a variety of mustards (including wasabi mustard) plus ketchup. Reminded me of Germany.

They have a few seats inside but you can also take to go or to the bar next door to eat. The sausages range from $5-6.50 each I think. I’d like to try the wild boar with apple and spice or the duck with fig sausages if we ever get the chance to go back.

Our last stop for the night (at least for Ron & I) was Three Twins Organic Ice Cream which is just down the street. Yes, more ice cream, can you believe it? Ron and I ordered the kids’ cone of the toasted almond and peanut butter crunch. You can tell their ice cream is really fresh and clean. The story of the company is pretty amazing, read it on their website.

This was the end of the eating for us but our friends went to get ribs…. I’ll have to ask them how they were.

Dynamo Donuts
2760 24th Street

Tartine Bakery
600 Guerrero Street

Bi-Rite Market
3639 18th Street

Rosamunde Sausage Grill
545 Haight Street

Three Twins Organic Ice Cream
254 Fillmore Street