Moving around the house

Day 350 = February 15, 2011

Mommy, what’s this white stuff on my bread?

Oh! It’s cream cheese… Ok, I think I’ll try it.

This morning I cleaned up the living room a bit so that Simon would have more room to roam. Ron did the vacuuming to clear the carpet of cat fur and any particles that Simon might try to pick up to eat. We leave the cozy car in the living room since it’s a bit big so Simon will have more space to explore.

So Simon explored the living room today on his own two feet. The first thing he went for was the TV remote control although he dropped it on the floor.

He squatted down to pick it up.

But then couldn’t stand back up.

He wants to touch everything which is a good and bad thing. Good that he is curious. Bad for us since now we have the keep the place neater so he doesn’t put something in his mouth that we don’t want him to.

Simon’s teeth are still growing in so he’s finding new things to chew on. He chewed briefly on this teething toy today.

We have basically weaned him off his pacifier. We no longer give it to him at all and he no longer cries for it. Cut him off cold turkey. I’m surprised it was this painless. He cried a lot for one night and the next night he only cried for a short while and now he just no longer whines for it. Also, today at daycare, he drank his formula without incident which surprised me too. I guess he really was just fussy last night because it was made with cold water. He doesn’t like his milk cold and doesn’t like his food hot or cold, he likes everything room temperature. I hope that will change eventually since we probably won’t be giving him room temperature cow’s milk.

He continues to amaze me everyday.

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