Munich then return to Singapore

Our last day in Europe so we let ourselves sleep in a bit before heading down to the breakfast by the hotel which was fairly extensive including: juices, tea, coffee, CHAMPAGNE, eggs (scrambled & soft boiled), breads, buns, cheese spreads, jams/marmalades, yogurts, fruits (fresh & canned), granola, cereal, salami, ham, other cold cuts, gummy bears, and licorice. Not a bad spread, eh?

We headed to the train station to store our luggage. We were able to stuff in both our backpacks into a large locker for 5 Euros for 24 hours. After settling our luggage, we took the S (included in our Eurail pass) to Marienplatz to see the Glockenspiel at noon. We had a cappuccino and watched the clock performance.

Then we wandered towards the large English Garden and walked through the woods and by the “rapids”. Apparently you can ride the rapids through the park. We walked through the Japanese Garden, too bad the tea house was closed, but we enjoyed watching the swans and her two babies. We ended up at the Chinese Pagoda which is also a beer garden. We had their summer beer, a HUGE pretzel, a HUGE dumpling with gravy, and sausages. After we were stuffed, we headed out to the gardens around the Residenz and had a good nap on a bench. We felt like such bums sleeping on benches but after that beer, we felt so sleepy and fully.

After we woke up, we did some shopping around and exploring before heading to catch the S train to the airport. We arrived at 8pm and our flight was to leave at 9:10pm. The passport control had a long line so we were a bit scared that we might be late but even after going through to collect our tax-free rebates, we made it with plenty of time. We’ll arrive in Bangkok around 1pm on 7/22 and be back in Singapore at 4:20pm.

If you can’t see the slideshow above, click HERE.

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