Mushroom Boy

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Iris woke up at 4:10am, so a good 6 hours but had a rough rest of the morning, sleeping only 10-15 minutes at a time and awake for 30 minutes until 6:45am. Again really clingy in the morning with only enough time for me to make Simon’s lunch. Today mini chicken tacos with cucumber sushi (leftover from Safeway bought rolls), strawberries, and apple pears. Plus the same fruit snack since he didn’t get to eat it yesterday.


Simon put on his sweatshirt and said he was a “Mushroom Boy!” He showed us that he knows how to thread the zipper and pull it up himself, we had no idea he knew how to do it already.

Today’s art project of a caterpillar.

Iris had another rough nap day but she is so happy when I get home that I can hardly tell. Here’s that “grin” I mentioned that Iris does when she sees a camera pointed at her.

She happily will play if I’m around.


But will get upset if I walk away from her view. Once I come back, she will crawl directly to me and climb up my leg to get me to hold her.

Simon just chilling on the sofa.

Sleep training night #5: Iris got upset again during bath time and took a long time to fall asleep. I put her in bed at 8:05pm and she didn’t fall asleep until 9pm. I’m starting to think she might not be emotionally ready to sleep by herself because of her resulting separation anxiety and poor mood…

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