Sleep Training Postponed

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Iris woke up at 12:25am (slept less than 3 hours), fell back asleep by herself at 12:45am, and woke up at 4am, crying more loudly than the last few nights. I went to check on her at 4:20am and her hands were really cold so I couldn’t just leave her in her bed and instead slept with her covered in blankets until 6:45am. I think she is not ready and I am not ready for her to sleep by herself. It pains me when she cries during bath time because she knows that she is about to go to bed and won’t have mommy with her. It’s interfering with her daytime naps because she’s afraid to sleep and she’s really anxious about me leaving for work or just leaving her sight for a short time. So I made the decision to postpone sleep training for now. I just want her to go back to her happy self during the day and nighttime, all the time.

After she slept with me this morning, she didn’t fuss when I put her in her highchair while I made Simon’s lunch of noodles with sausages and carrots, strawberries, grapes, and baby goldfish.

Today, Simon’s caterpillar hatched into a beautiful butterfly.

Simon posing for me for his daily picture.

The last few days Iris hasn’t been eating much because she has been refusing to sit in her high chair. She still takes comfort in drinking milk though. She got upset when I tried to take away her bottle.


But she was still in a happier mood compared to yesterday.


And easily went to sleep with me by her side.

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