My Little Tiger

Day 183

I think Simon will be very good at yoga, he is so bendy!

Grandma Tam gave Simon is little tiger outfit made by Carter’s. So adorable!

He’s like a little puffball that you just want to squeeze. The outfit also has matching pants and the jacket has a little tail.

This will be perfect for Halloween… but we also have other outfits. We’ll have to see what he fits into when the time comes.

Tomorrow Simon will be 6 months old! How time flies! His next pediatrician appointment is next week for his next set of immunizations and to check out his weight and height. It feels like he is maybe 19-20 lbs now and he has definitely grown a little bit. He used to not be able to reach the floor in his Exersaucer but now he is able to plant both feet on the ground. I don’t look forward to the crying from the immunizations. I’m afraid that he might get a low grade fever this time around as his body starts building up it’s immunity so we’ll have to decide if we should give him some prophylactic acetaminophen.

The cookies I baked yesterday were a hit at work today. Sometimes the simple recipes are the best. Happy Hump Day! I hope the beautiful weather continues.

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