Six months old

Day 184

Today Simon is six months old! Wow, how time flies! He must have known he would need extra energy today since he slept 8 hours continuously last night.

He must have known it was a momentous occasion as he made a lot of good videos today.

The first one is Simon standing up with Ron holding him by one arm. He locks his knees and is a bit wobbly but it seems pretty amazing for a six month old.

Simon likes his pacifier but usually can’t get it into his mouth in the correct direction. Do you think he’ll do it this time?

More experimentation with standing. Ron had Simon lean up against the sofa to see if he could support himself.

Overall, he did a pretty good job with a bit of wobbling. It’ll be interesting when he starts walking…

After his morning exercise, Simon wanted to spend the afternoon on the couch. A regular couch potato, his drink next to him and remote control in hand.

For dinner, we went to the mall to use some of my Groupon and Living Social vouchers.

From Groupon, I had $10 to spend at San Francisco Soup Company, so we got two regular sized bowls of soup. Actually kind of expensive for a bowl of soup and a piece of bread (~$5 each bowl). Here is a sweet corn chowder. It was yummy but I couldn’t get over how much it cost for a bowl of soup. If I didn’t have the Groupon, I probably wouldn’t have eaten there. I spent $5 to get the $10 value.

The tomato bisque. Quite tangy compared to the corn chowder but very smooth.

From Living Social, I had $20 to spend at Froots, so we got the Froots club sandwich and a fruit smoothie. The prices here seem more reasonable. The sandwich was $7.99 and the smoothie was $3.99. I spent $10 to get the $20 value. I actually purchased two so I have $40 to spend so will be getting more smoothies in the future.

After Ron and I finished our dinner, I fed Simon. He ate a whole container of pears and still seemed very hungry so I made him an extra portion of rice cereal mixed with breast milk to feed him. Just watch his expression…

Although he didn’t seem very happy about it, he still ate the rest of it. I’m glad to find that he’s not too picky about food.

So Simon had a relaxing day turning 6 months old. All he had to do was put his feet up and relax.

Happy 6 months Simon!

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