My little tiger

Day 135

My little tiger went to the grandparents again for the day.  I got him all dressed up in one of his tiger outfits.  Here’s my little muscle man, look at those arms! (but then look at that little pot belly!)


Simon (Ron) left me a Facebook post “Hi Mommy”:


Today was Day 2 with the Exersaucer and he seemed to be more interested in it and actually playing with it.


The next concert pianist?

They also made me a video of Simon chatting away.  He’s been a bit quiet recently so it’s good to hear his voice.

Daddy and Simon have matching orange colors today.


Apparently Simon had a bit of a rough patch and was crying but here he is recovering on grandpa’s shoulder.  Look at those chubby cheeks.  I wish I was there to wipe away those tears!  Notice his hand gripping grandpa’s shirt, he’s been doing that a lot lately, grabbing onto whatever is handy, including my hair.


Ron encourages Simon to hold his bottle as much as possible so that he can have at least one free hand.  In this case to check messages on his iPhone.


When the bottle gets close to empty though, Simon usually ends up dropping it since he’s not really gripping it, more like supporting it to stay in his mouth.  He’s also been sucking on it kind of weird, sometimes his bottom lip will go around the cap instead of just around the nipple.  Not sure what that’s all about.

Almost the weekend…

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