Squeaky clean

Day 136

Simon has been falling asleep too early the past two evenings so we haven’t given him a bath.  So while I was at work, Ron decided to bathe Simon during the daytime so we wouldn’t miss it tonight again.

A squeaky clean Simon sporting his new Pampers Cruisers diapers.  These have Sesame Street designs on them and a strong baby powder like fragrance.  The last time we bought diapers, we bought Pampers Sensitive Swaddlers and Pampers Cruisers.  The Swaddlers have a more chemical like smell but worked great, not one leak.  The Cruisers are supposed to be for babies who are more on the move so we’ll see how well they contain leaks.


He likes to grab onto his toes now and did some talking with Ron after his bath.

Today Simon played with his humongous Winnie the Pooh.


Compared to his first picture with Biggie Pooh (on Day 24), Simon has really grown and is much more mobile.  Simon says: Peek-a-boo!


Simon got some gifts today from my co-worker Tina but they are for when he is bigger so pictures will have to wait.  For now, check out the website Baby Wit for some cool onesies.  Their slogan is fun: You May Not Be Cool, But Your Baby Can Be.


We still haven’t let Simon try solid foods yet but he seems to be open to sticking anything in his mouth so I’m hoping food won’t be a problem.  His fingers and hand are still his favorite things to put into his mouth, even this bug wrist rattle doesn’t get in his way.


The weekend is here!  It was a busy day at work.  I’m exhausted.  But third week back to work and so far it is tolerable.  I still get really sad in the morning when I leave and I’m really tired at night and tend to fall asleep before I mean to.  The daily routine is still a work in progress.

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