National University of S’pore and Giant Hypermarket

I think I’ve caught up now on my postings, yay!

Today I had a 10AM meeting with “Prof Chan”, the Head of the Pharmacy Department at the National University of S’pore. It was an informal interview for a job. I found my way on Bus 95 to NUS, Science Drive 4. Joyce, the NUS prof and grad from UCSF, called me yesterday to give me good directions or else I would’ve been easily lost. The bus was completely packed at the stop I boarded, I had to squeeze and jam myself in or else I would’ve been late.

The meeting went well I think. Prof Chan was very thoughtful and came down to meet me and treated me and Joyce to coffee and cakes as we chatted. She was eager to find out what I wanted to do and also to talk about the plans for developing a PharmD program at NUS. It was a very pleasant meeting and I hope to have more soon.

I went to go have lunch with Joyce and Alex, a past pharm resident from UCSF who now works in SG. He’s been a great resource and a great help in getting me this interview (and job!) at NUS. He’s always willing to help and you can depend on him. We met up with another prof and had lunch at the student food court. The food is even cheaper it seems, dishes can be S$1.50! We had claypots, yum!

I stayed to attend the student conference where they act out 2 cases in front of the class. It was interesting and rather fun to be in the classroom again, it’s been quite a while since I’ve sat in on conferences. The students do a good job acting and the tutors provide good guidance.

After an exhausting day at NUS, I headed back to INSEAD to meet up with Ron. We ended up heading home to drop off stuff and took a taxi to IMM Giant Hypermarket. But first we had to eat!

We chose Ajisen Ramen because it was close to the entrance and ramen sounded really good at the time. We had something like okonomiyaki called tonpei yaki except instead of noodles inside, it was cabbage:

I had the spicy cha siu ramen:

Ron had the tom toro ramen (fatty pork):

It all really hit the spot but since it was a sit down restaurant, they charge 10% service and 7% GST (17% taxes!) so it was rather expensive. As we were leaving and turning the corner, there were tons of other restaurants… next time we know better.

We went to the supermarket next. It’s very much like a HUGE Wal-Mart with household goods and a full supermarket. We spent something like 2 or 3 hours there and didn’t get home until 10:30pm. We came back with a full cart of stuff in a taxi 😛

(Pictured: Cindy, Ron, and Justine)

But now we have REAL food!

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