New playroom

Day 246

So Simon has taken over our bedroom. We moved the majority of our things into the other room and lay down new foam mats and shoved our bed in the corner so that Simon could have more room to play. I hope he has more fun in this less cramped space.

Although he was not a pretty boy this morning with his crazy hair.

Simon has forgotten how to drink from a straw so Ron had a new method for trying to teach him. Ron would release the water when Simon attempted to suck in. Simon seems to be a bit distracted by the TV.

Along with Simon’s new playroom, he has a new toy shelf. He likes the bins (and is playing with Hello Kitty, hehe).

I just realized that he’s getting taller without me noticing. Check him out reaching up on the shelf.

Simon had fun with this squeaking hammer that we got a few months ago in Santa Cruz. I love his expression here, looks a bit evil though.

He had a hard time grabbing hold because it was kind of slippery but eventually got it with daddy’s demonstration.

One of Simon’s favorite things about his new playroom is crawling to the edge…

Ripping off one of the foam edges…

Then trying to eat it. Daddy is trying to teach Simon “No, don’t eat”.

The room still needs some fine tuning but we’re getting there. At least Simon has more room to explore and crawl around now and is more secure away from the kitties.

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