Sucking up noodles

Day 247

Simon likes Edison, his Alphabet Pal toy, not for learning the ABCs but playing with the wheels underneath. Oh well, he’s too young to recite his ABCs just yet so at least he is learning to use his fingers to manipulate things.

Simon can eat about one-quarter to one-half of a medium sized avocado and this is along with some other things like yogurt, fish, snacks, etc. He just really loves avocado. Can you feed your baby too much avocado?

We went to dinner with our friend Susan at San Tung Restaurant. She ordered a noodle dish and lucky for Simon she did, so that he could try having some noodles.

He sucked it right up and seemed to enjoy it.

At first I was just placing the entire piece into his mouth then thought I’d see if he could suck it in. I was so excited when he actually was able to suck it into his mouth… little milestones like these make me happy.

I can only hope this will lead to Simon eating other things besides avocado. We tried pasta a while back but he didn’t seem to like it since it was still too tough for him. We probably just have to boil the heck out of it to make it super soft. Or else try some softer Asian style noodles like egg noodles or something. It’s always exciting to find other things that Simon will eat since he’s turning out to be a bit of a picky eater. He’ll try most things but then reject it instantly if he’s not in the mood. But we try to reintroduce them later and sometimes he’ll be in the mood. This happened with spinach, he hated it the first time around but ate the entire portion the next time. Sometimes he likes bananas and sometimes he doesn’t. The one thing he hardly ever refuses though is avocado. I wonder what it is about avocado that he likes?

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