New York Day Three

Day 272

Ready for another day.

Napping at the American Museum of Natural History while daddy went to buy tickets. Although it’s not really buying tickets, it’s called “making a suggested donation” of $18 plus any extra money to see any special exhibits.

We took him in to see the Journey to the Stars show in the planetarium. Simon did pretty well watching the show, he only started to fuss near the end. I also realized that I had already seen the exact same show here at the California Academy of Sciences. After the show, we went to check out the rest of the museum before meeting up with William again for lunch. First, my weight on the moon. I weigh about as much as Simon weights now.

Simon and planet Earth.

An origami exhibit. Lots of cool folded ornaments.

Simon with his Chinese zodiac animal.

Simon excited about the dinosaurs.

His hand is so tiny compared to the dino.


Flying pterodactyl.

Going out for lunch.

At the Shake Shack right nearby. Shakey Road shake, cheese fries, regular burger, and the Shake Stack (with a deep fried breaded mushroom with cheese). The mushroom and cheese were the best part of the meal.

The Shakey Road had brownie bits and chopped almonds. It was very rich, I couldn’t finish it.

After lunch, we went back to the museum to check the gem exhibit. They had the Wittelsbach-Graff diamond, a 31-carat blue diamond.

Then went for a walk through Central Park.

The famous fountain. Currently water-less.

I picked up a slice of crepe cake from Lady M Confections for later ($7.50 for a thin slice!). Remember a while back, we tried to make our own? It’ll be interesting to try the real thing.

We headed back to our neighborhood to have dinner at Yakitori Totto. We had many different dishes: chicken knee bones, chicken hearts, chicken liver, beef sirloin, chicken skin, scallop, eggplant, mushroom, and many more that I’ve already forgotten.

Simon having his pears.

We also had a chicken rice bowl. The soft boiled egg is served on the side.

Full after dinner.

Exhausted after another full day, sleeping with his pal Pooh.

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