New York Day Four

Day 273

Check out my teeth!

On our last day, we visited FAO Schwarz and ended up getting Simon a Muppet Whatnot toy. You can choose the body, the hair, the nose, the eyes, and the clothes. All very cute and a fun experience.

Patrick the Pup!

When there was a FAO Schwarz in SF, Ron and I went there together with our friend Kat when we were just friends. We were so young!

After FAO, we came across the Belgian Waffle Cart: Wafels & Dinges. The waffle is smeared with their special spekuloos spread and topped with whipped cream and powdered sugar. Warm and toasty and the spread was like PB but more buttery.

We went to Macy’s to see Santa in Santaland (picture to come later!) then to lunch at Ippudo NY for ramen. For appetizers we had the pork buns, great sauce and nice fatty pork.

Their signature ramen. A thinner noodle.

This bowl had a thicker noodles and a large portion of fresh grated ginger.


The broth was hot and flavorful. I prefer the thicker noodle. The pork was really delicious.

All gone!

After our bellies were nice and full, we went for a bit more walking and shopping. We stopped by Saks Fifth Avenue’s famous shoe department that has their own zip code. There is an express elevator to the 8th floor shoes. It was fun to look at the shoes.

We walked by Rockefeller Center again and visited a few stores but it was actually pretty hard to get around since they were starting to put up the barricades for the tree lighting ceremony in the evening. We eventually just headed back to our hotel and picked up our luggage then headed to the airport by subway and AirTrain. Next time though, I think we will do the shuttle or taxi again. The subway took quite a while and it’s pretty hard to carry luggage and get a stroller down the stairs. Good thing our luggage has strong wheels so withstood all the bumping down the stairs. Also, the AirTrain is a really long walk from the terminals, at least Terminal 5 was really far away from where the AirTrain lets out. It’s inexpensive transport but might not be worth all the hassle if you have an infant. It was a full flight so we ended up getting seated near the back since that was the only place left where we could have two seats together. It all worked out and we made it home safely.

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