New York New York at City Link Mall

I think this is the end to the quiet week of work, it’s going to be busy next week most likely. It got quite busy this afternoon around 2 or 3pm. Many many prescriptions then all of a sudden many inpatient chemotherapy orders… but our staff was very efficient and we didn’t have to stay late. I was a bit exhausted though and was looking forward to just going home, or at least having a good dinner…

Ron and I met up at the bus stop and headed on the MRT to City Hall. I wanted to try the restaurant called New York New York in the City Link Mall. There was quite a long line, more than 15 people in front of us, although one party was like 8-10 pax.

I heard about this place from Alex because of their 8-inch hamburger. Upon further investigation, I found out that they serve chocolate fondue and also have free cotton candy. I keep on promising Joyce we’ll go to this restaurant for chocolate fondue.

The wait wasn’t actually that long, we arrived around 7:30pm and were seated about 5 minutes before 8pm. The frontline staff was pretty attentive and walked through the line taking names and number per party so at least you felt like they were doing something rather than just leaving you to wait.

Once seated we noted that there were lots of staff in the restaurant, there was always at least one or two in your line of sight, bustling around from table to table, taking orders, cleaning up dishes, bringing food, etc etc. We were impressed by their attentiveness.

Now to get to the food. We ordered the spicy buffalo wings with cheese.

Where’s the cheese?

Well, this we had to ask for because they didn’t bring us anything to dip or the promised cheese.

The cheese ended up being this really thick bleu cheese like spread. It was a bit weird, almost like a butter or cream cheese consistency. Not like the salad dressing like consistency of the sauces they usually give your in the US. The buffalo wings were fried nicely but weren’t really spicy. Itself did not have sauce but more a dry seasoning. But, as Ron said, the sauce is very addicting if you like bleu cheese.

They also have different types of floats, root beer with vanilla ice cream, sprite with vanilla ice cream, coffee with vanilla ice cream, and Coke with chocolate chip ice cream. We ordered the last one.

The glass was as big as my head!

It was actually quite tasty even though a bit weird sounding being chocolate ice cream. But if we order again, no ice and change to vanilla ice cream. The ice gets in the way and the chocolate chips are dangerous to suck up too quickly through the straw.

We ordered the 8-inch burger, which is supposed to serve 4 persons. Ron was like, “do you think it’ll be enough for us?” He asked this BEFORE the burger arrived. It was seriously huge.

The burger was the size of my head and I have a big head! It was served with French fries and nicely cut into 4 pieces.

Inside was the meat patty that had onions and cracked peppercorns mixed into the meat. Plus standard lettuce, tomato, onion, ketchup and mustard. The bun was pretty thick and of a different texture than regular hamburger buns. More like focaccia bread. My only complaints are that the peppercorns were a bit bitter and maybe a bit too coarse and the bread a bit too thick. Ron ended up eating 2 of the 4 pieces. I only ate 1. We brought 1 home plus all the fries.

Also, they really should provide wet naps for that type of meal. It was not comfortable to have sticky hands after eating.

We didn’t have room for dessert so I’ll have to come back with Joyce for chocolate fondue and with Alex for fried banana split!

I’m thoroughly stuffed now and look forward to having that burger for lunch tomorrow… it’s my turn to work this Saturday (of course with 2 fabulous technicians) and this will be my first weekend as the solo pharmacist (I usually work with our boss). I’ll let you know how it goes.

I also just booked by ticket to visit home! Ron is heading back to the US at the end of April to attend a course in Silicon Valley. I’ll be tagging along on a different flight to see my family, friends, and kitties. We only have a week… but I’m really looking forward to going home, even if just for a short period.

Ah, can’t wait.

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