It’s already Thursday…

Wow, this week has been going by really fast, I can’t believe it’s almost the weekend again. I’m looking forward to sleeping in on Sunday. I will be working on Saturday morning. Poor Ron has class all day on Saturday and Sunday.

Tonight I finally had some time so I wanted to let you know all about our trip to Bintan the past weekend. It’s so close I don’t know how we’ve never gone before. But it’s also a bit expensive and the food is only average but it was nice to relax and I had a nice massage.

Check out our travels and pictures:

Friday, April 4th – Ferry to Bintan, Indonesia

Saturday, April 5th – Day 2 Bintan Resorts

Sunday, April 6th – Last Day in Bintan

It’s been a good week at work though. We’ve actually had time to take lunches together and not have to be doing ten things at the same time. My only worry is that next week will be crazy. But I guess we should enjoy it while it lasts.

On Tuesday, we went to the new Mr. Bean at NUH. There was a soy drink and snack place there previously but it closed. I heard because of a rent increase. Mr. Bean is also a soy bean place so they sell soy bean milk, soft tofu, soy ice cream, pancakes, and other snacks. They have a deal for 6 pancakes for $5. They have tuna, cheese, chocolate, blueberry, peanut, and red bean. There were 3 of us so we each had 2 pancakes. I tried the tuna and blueberry. The tuna was a bit fishy but I needed something salty. The blueberry seemed like it was canned so I didn’t really enjoy it. I was quite stuffed afterwards though, surprising because they weren’t that big. I also tried the soy milk with grass jelly, yum! We also all got ice cream afterwards, again yum!

I only had my handphone (oops, I mean cell phone!) to take pictures:

Yesterday I went to NUS again for the afternoon. Joyce’s students had their final tutorial, better known to me as a case conference, where the students do a presentation on the cases for the week. They’re pretty fancy in that they have a Powerpoint presentation and sound effects then they act out the case in front of the class. It was pretty entertaining, much different than what we did at our pharmacy school.

Today I was at NUS again but this time to enjoy a good lunch. We went to the cafe there called Mega Bites where they serve “Western” style food. I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it before but I went there a few months ago and had a roasted chicken sandwich, it seemed like I was the only one who wanted a sandwich, there was no line. It was the same today. I guess people here are just not used to eating sandwiches for lunch. Today though I had the chicken chop which is served with veggies, mashed potatoes, and soup, all for $3.50… seems so cheap and I expected it to be a small portion but it was pretty filling and tasted pretty good. I hope we can all go out to eat more often like we’ve been able to this week…

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