Nike Women’s Marathon San Francisco

I participated in the Nike Women’s Marathon today. I walked the half marathon (13 miles) and crossed the finish line in 4 hours 49 minutes 38 seconds. My legs are paying for it now as I didn’t participate in the training after July since I knew I couldn’t easily run with my growing belly. But I didn’t want to give up on the whole event so thought I’d try walking and if I got too tired then I would stop.

Me and baby all ready to go at 6am!

47 minutes and 47 seconds before the start of the race. It was dark in Union Square but surprisingly loud. I don’t envy the people staying in the hotels or living near by as these were a bunch of enthusiastic women.

I joined the 15+ minute pace group so our start was behind Mason St and it was a bit chilly, like a huge wind tunnel with the tall buildings.

The sun started to come up as our pace group crossed the start line, about 7:24am.

Mile 1!

The Embarcadero with the streets closed down. Since it was my first marathon, I was amazed at all the clothes strewn on the ground. Apparently as the runners warm up, they strip and throw their long sleeved tops & jackets and mittens on the ground which eventually go to charity. Some people were even wearing garbage bags which are also eventually discarded. Seems a bit like littering but at least the clothes get donated.

Mile 2!


I missed the Mile 3 marker but here’s Mile 4!

Mile 5!

Mile 6!

Some encouraging words on the hill:

Mile 7!

Mile 8! By now I was thinking “Are we there yet?”

Mile 9!

Mile 10! The Cliff House.. almost there! Only part left is to go into the park and back to the Great Highway to the finish line…

Mile 11! Free bananas here from Safeway.

Mile 12! Around the soccer field and only a mile to go!

The finish line!! As I was approaching, there were a whole bunch of full marathon runners approaching as well. I was relieved to finally see the finish line and thinking if I get in again next year that I might try running…

More pictures to come at the finish line, waiting for pictures from Kat who was waiting there at the finish line for me. She finished more than 2 hours before me!

After the race, we went to eat as I was starving. We had late lunch at Pho Garden, the place famous for the Pho Challenge (2 lbs meat, 2 lbs noodles, to be eaten in under 1 hr or else you pay the $22 for the bowl, if finished, your picture on the wall with the empty bowl). We didn’t do the challenge but had their pho which was pretty good, loved the noodles as they didn’t get soggy as it sat in the broth.

I ordered #8, extra-large bowl of pho with everything.

Pho Garden
2109 Clement St

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