No more avocado

Day 295 = December 22, 2010

Simon no longer loves avocado. In fact, he will often refuse it when we try to feed it to him. We can only trick him sometimes into eating it. Now he really loves strawberries and bananas, the freeze dried kind. We originally started with the Gerber brand where they are in little cubes but I found them also at Trader Joe’s. TJ’s bags are bigger and less expensive. They also have freeze dried blueberries and mangoes (which Simon hasn’t tried yet). The freeze dried fruits work out great because he can pick them up with his hands and he has plenty of saliva to moisten them before swallowing. Also they are good for traveling since you don’t have to worry about refrigeration or storage. You just bring them along in a snack container or in the resealable bag it comes in. Except the strawberries are a bit delicate to tend to crush easily.

May I offer you a hand? (A teething toy hand that is… borrowed from my co-worker Zoe. Not sure if Simon likes it though, he prefers his pacifier to chew on).

See what I mean about lounging around? Playing all day is tiring!

Simon fell asleep squished on the mesh of his pack and play so it left some marks on his forehead.

Simon is getting more curious about things, here is discovers that he can move these wooden beads from underneath rather than just on top.

Tonight neither of us were in the mood for cooking so since Ron and Simon came to pick me up from a long day at work, we went to dinner at Benihana. It has been years since I’ve eaten here and we were also curious to see Simon’s reaction to the chef at the table. Doesn’t he look cute in his hat?

This is someone else’s salmon dish. Pretty cool but also seemed dangerous. We were afraid it would explode and somehow splatter toward us so we protected Simon by holding him away from the grill until it was done cooking. But it didn’t explode so everything was fine.

I had the chicken and hibachi beef. Without the sauce, the meats would be very dry.

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