Oakland Zoo and Berkeley Pier

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Today we spent the morning at the Oakland Zoo. Our friends Susan, Ken, and Caden joined us for a day of exploring.

Simon has been showing off that he can stand on one foot. Perfect timing here with the flamingos! He is so proud of himself that he can balance.


Hello comfy little bear in the hammock!


Caden and Simon posing at the entrance to the Children’s area of the zoo.


Hearing like a rabbit.


Caden and Simon enjoying the children’s play area.

After seeing the animals, we exited to the ride area to have lunch. Iris and I finishing up our lunch.


After lunch, the boys went on some of the rides together. Both were super excited about the fire engine.

Then riding the jeep.

Then flying an airplane up and down!

After the zoo, Simon had his nap before we went out again to pick our Christmas tree. There was a tree lot on University Ave from Delancey Street Foundation (which we used as our movers) so chose a smallish tree for our smaller home.

Since it was near sunset, we drove down to the Berkeley Pier to see if we could catch the sunset and walk down to the end of the pier. Simon had a great time jumping over “cracks” on the pier.

Iris enjoyed the stroll down the pier.

Kiddos with the sunset.

Back in the car… Simon the red-bowed little boy!

Iris playing at home.


An activity filled day, now knocked out for the night.

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