Playing Santa Baby

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Iris and I spent a few hours in the pharmacy today while they did construction work. Grandma Tam bought this outfit for Iris so we tried it on while we were hanging out.


Iris was a very patient girl and had a little nap during the construction plus also spent time playing and crawling on the clean counter.


We went out to lunch with Grandpa Tam in Oakland Chinatown at Sobo Ramen. This is their tonkotsu ramen with a passion fruit lemonade. Pretty tasty stuff!


Simon and Daddy went to see “Frozen” in the morning and they said it was really good. I hope I can have a chance to see it soon too. They had a quick bite to eat at McDonald’s.


Iris is getting better at manipulating objects. We cut blueberries in half and put it on her tray table so that she can grab them.


And put them in her mouth!


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