Oakland Chinatown, Out the Door, Mochi & Misu

I went to visit my dad’s new pharmacy that is planning on opening in mid May. It’s below Oakland Chinatown’s Asian Health Services and it’s going to be pretty high tech with a robot to do the counting and labeling.

This sign will eventually also be in Chinese:

We had dim sum at Peony Restaurant with my parents’ friends. The best thing were the egg tarts, very flaky crust and very eggy center.

Afterwards I headed to San Francisco to wait for my friends Shirley and Patrick to get done with work, and pharmacy school graduation ceremonies, respectively. I entertained myself at San Francisco Shopping Center and met up with them for dinner Out the Door in the basement of the mall. I’ve always wanted to eat there but hadn’t had the chance when I was working in SF. Read some reviews about it here.

We had a fabulous filling dinner. There were only the three of us for dinner so we had leftovers that Patrick took home. Here’s what we ate..

Fried squid salad with a dill dressing and pickled onions.

Fried vegetarian spring rolls Vietnamse style, you use the lettuce to wrap the noodles and pieces of spring roll together.

Some sort of pork sparerib with a sweet sauce. It was good but I can’t remember what type of sauce it was.

Fish tomato “soup”, a bit spicy and a bit fishy.

Half a crispy duck! yum yum! The skin was delcious.

Ah, stuffed.

Tonight will be lots of packing… and leaving some stuff here. I’m gonna be sad to leave my family. And I’m gonna miss my kitties but at least I know they’re in good hands with my dad. Misu really loves to be held and scratched.

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