Return to Singapore

I spent a long night packing and feel like I’m returning to Singapore with more stuff than I left with. I even brought stuff to leave at my parents’ house but my luggage is fuller than when I came. I even had to split my stuff into 2 pieces of luggage so I wouldn’t go overweight.

I did a load of laundry before leaving so now some of my clothes have that dryer fresh smell. Man, I miss having a dryer…

My parents took me to the airport and since I had 2 pieces of luggage plus my carry-on, I rented one of those trolleys… I was shocked that it cost $3!! The machine even has a credit card slot in case you don’t have enough cash. You don’t get the money back, it’s not like a deposit, it’s an actual rental fee.

My flight was around noon and I was flew to Narita first.

I had a window seat next to this older Japanese couple.

I didn’t sleep at all but instead watched all the movies plus shows on the flight. Watched things like “Hero”, “Bucket List”, some Japanese movies, “Frasier”, “Gags for Laughs”, etc etc.

Also had some interesting Japanese airline food.

This is unagi (eel) rice with soba noodles and smoked salmon salad.

The 2nd meal was more Western, a cream mushroom chicken served with a side of bean salad and fresh fruits.

When I arrived in Narita, I was exhausted because I had already been in-flight about 10 hours but had to stay away to catch my next flight. My layover was about 2 hours so I walked up and down the terminal buying little things at each store. They had a Starbucks there so I tried the coffee jelly frappuccino. Nothing that exciting, the jelly was like grass jelly.

My last meal on the flight to Singapore was a roasted chicken served with a coldcut salad and a chocolate cake. Most of it wasn’t very nice but that may have been because I was already really full.

We landed in Singapore around midnight but were stuck in the plane waiting for our terminal to be free. I guess there as a plane that arrived before us and waiting for everyone to get off and the luggage to be cleared.

I finally arrived back home after 1am and showered and went to sleep because I had to work today. I started feeling really tired this afternoon from the jet lag but not so bad for the first day back.

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