Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Iris says “Ohayou!” (“Good morning” in Japanese.) In this case: “Oh Hi… Yo!” I originally bought this onesie for Simon but by the time I remembered where I put it, he had already outgrown it. I’m glad at least Iris gets to wear it now.


Simon enjoying his chocolate frozen yogurt with mochi and pearls. Special treat from daddy today after lunch. I am looking forward to having a big bowl after my confinement. Right now, it’s too “cold” and not good for me.


Today we had a short visit from the Chung grandparents and afterwards, Iris had a hard time sleeping comfortably. I think she was overstimulated with different voices and loud talking. She was tired as her eyes kept on closing and it seemed like she would sleep for a few minutes but she would startle herself awake and cry out in her sleep. She stayed up about 4 hours and she was finally able to fall into deep sleep after some nursing and cuddling. It took some time because she kept on opening her eyes slightly to make sure one of us was still nearby. When she finally falls asleep, she looks so comfortable.


Tomorrow she has a checkup so I anticipate her to be a little fussy tomorrow afternoon too. Poor babies, can’t handle too much stimulus. Might be time to introduce a pacifier to comfort her in times like these.

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