On The Move and New Haircut

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Iris has learned how to move a bit in this walker. She can kind of scoot around but prefers to stand holding onto the outside.

She will “yelp” at you when she wants your attention or if she is making an effort to move. She also tends to wave or flail her arms in your direction when she wants something.

Iris seems to like paper things like boxes, tissue paper, and now this Starbucks coffee cup sleeve.

So Simon went to get a haircut this morning and the stylist did not listen or understand what Ron asked for. He asked her to cut it shorter but I think she cut it way too short. I was a bit shocked but Simon says he likes his new haircut. Here he is after a quick shower to rinse out the stray hairs.

Oh well, it will grow back eventually. I just hope he won’t get too cold.

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