One of the reasons why I fell in love…

Ron is so cute/funny sometimes. He does unexpected things like packing me this super cute lunch!

We went to the Kukje, a Korean supermarket in Daly City, after seeing Aliens vs. Monsters and picked up a lot of goodies for dinner for the next few days. Last night he was making dinner for himself (since I went out to Hotei) and I guess made a little extra for me.

I bought this thermos-like thing for keeping food warm which has three little compartments and comes with portable chopsticks. I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never used it, until today! The containers are white rice, spicy broiled pork, and kimchi (seaweed, Napa cabbage, and sprouts).

Yes, I’m a lucky gal!

He cooked dinner after we got home from the gym tonight. He cooked the pre-marinated kalbi (short ribs) and some vegetables and we had some more of the Korean small dishes. Had to share the mini marinated crabs we bought. You eat the whole thing, shell and all… they are a bit sweet and salty.

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