Opera in the Park

Day 206

This is what daddy gets for trying to encourage Simon to stand up so soon. He saw his Starbucks cup on the shelf and started to try to climb up the side of his crib at the grandparents. Once he figured out he could almost do it, he didn’t want to stop.

So they had to remove the bassinet portion of the crib and let him sleep on the bottom. He hasn’t figured out how to do this on the crib at home yet but I’m sure we’ll have to do this soon.

Tonight we went to see Opera in the Park. It was a simulcast of Aida on the AT&T Park’s big screen. Simon fell asleep about 15 minutes into the start of the opera.

My left arm is getting good exercise by holding his head up whenever he naps outside the house when I don’t have the stroller or carrier.

Again, sweaty head. It was a nice night so after he fell asleep, he no longer needed to be covered and could have some breeze to cool his face.

My friends Susan and Virginia came and also helped me to get dinner. Thanks ladies!

Look how crowded the field is. You have to show up early to start lining up if you want to sit on the field. The event is free so when things are free, everyone wants to go.

The orchestra played beautifully and the singing was great… but the acting, not so believable. I enjoyed the story and it was a fun experience to watch it in the park since we likely won’t be going to an opera anytime soon with Simon. The only thing that annoyed me was that we were sitting in the nosebleed seats and there were people around us acting like we were at the real opera. One man was shushing a couple of guys who were whispering about the opera and a lady was giving me dirty looks when Simon let out a few whimpers. I eventually got up and went to walk around with Simon and I accidentally hit her on the head with the strap of the Baby Bjorn and the look she gave me would cut steel. People, it’s free! If you want to act all high and mighty and expect silence, go to the real opera, not opera in the park where there are fire trucks and ambulances driving by and young children are in attendance.

A milestone to mention, Simon has been sleeping through the night for the last two nights, 9 hours continuously! But I’m sure he will be off schedule again after tonight’s Opera in the Park. Oh well, at least we know he can do it, just needs a bit more practice.

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