Free class at Gymboree

Day 207

This afternoon we took Simon to try out Gymboree to get him some exercise and let him see other babies. They are offering two free classes to see if Simon enjoys the classes and it seemed like he had fun. One activity is playing with these cones that cover small plushes and banging these plastic balls on the balance bar.

Practicing crawling on soft cushions towards this rattle.

Standing while holding onto a bar.

In a trance watching the bubbles while singing songs.

We decided to buy the bubbles since he really seemed to like them. He enjoyed the singing and dancing too, laughing out loud.

They are super strong bubbles, they will stay formed for a long period of time. It’s pretty amazing. The staff says the bubbles are non-toxic and made from sugar.

Once we got home, we opened up the bubbles and I started blowing away!

Surrounded by bubbles!

I love his confused expression.

After a tiring day of Gymboree and hanging out with my parents, Simon needed a nap.

The evening was so nice and warm that we went to buy dinner and sit out in Union Square to eat.

But Simon got a little cold and was cranky so Ron wrapped him up in his blanket.

I hope the weather stays like this!

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