Orson Restaurant

Day 201

As I mentioned, Ron has been working to get Simon to sleep through the night. Usually in the early morning, Ron will move Simon from the bedroom onto his playmat blanket to sleep the rest of the morning. After some crying, he falls asleep.

A few minutes later, he moves.

Then a bit later, more movement.

Still moving.

So to be safe so that Ron can get some sleep too…

The pillows were to keep him from moving off the mat and so the kitties wouldn’t bother him. Simon looks confused to wake up with those pillows surrounding him.

Even though it was a bit of a cold drizzly day, we went to brunch with some friends at Orson Restaurant. Simon fell asleep on the walk to the restaurant.

Some of us had bottomless mimosas (for $10) and we shared the cinnamon sugar donuts with peach jam and glaze.

Ron ordered the OTT burger served with duck fat fries. The sauces are kimchee ketchup and tonkatsu mayonnaise. The burger was huge and a bit mess to eat since it was so tall. The sauces were pretty delicious yet simple.

I had the crispy pork belly with kabocha squash and brussel sprouts. A fried egg and pickled cherries. As expected, the pork belly had plenty of fat, probably more than meat so it took some effort to cut out some of the fat. Also, by the time I got to eat it, the skin wasn’t very crispy so it was hard to cut so I just ate that part at the end.

Our friend ordered the french toast with butter pears. A HUGE portion, way too much for one person. The bread was a very thick slice and soaked through with egg and covered in syrup.

I didn’t eat right away because Simon was a bit cranky. He woke up at the restaurant when Ron sneezed and couldn’t get himself back to sleep. I had to cover him with a blanket and hold him until he fell asleep. I swear he’s like those birds who need their cage to be covered by a blanket in order to sleep.

They gave us a complimentary cream cheese brownie. It was very rich. More like fudge.

Needless to say, we were very stuffed after our brunch. We went for a walk to Borders in SOMA which is closing so most of the store is 30% off. We bought some bargain books for Simon which were an additional 40% off the bargain price. The cashier says they plan on closing in mid-October so likely things will be even more discounted then. A good time to get Christmas gifts?

Simon has been doing really well with eating. He eats almost anything… the only thing he doesn’t like is peas or green beans. We’re not sure if it’s the color of the food or the texture. He seems to really like anything with bananas. After he has his meal, he gets to play with the toy part of his tray table. He enjoys sucking on the purple “pen” for the magnetic board.

Simon has now been sitting up while taking a bath. He has a few toys to play while splashing around in the water.

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