Future Hunk

Day 202

This morning, Ron took Simon to a open play time at Parents Place. It costs $5 per session but Simon had fun playing with some new toys. He seems to really like this one with the wooden pieces on wires.

Plus he seems to like toys that have some height. He likes to hold onto these with both hands.

Since Parents Place is close to my work. I had the nice treat of having lunch with my little family. After lunch, my future hunk went home to play.

His play mat pal is Biggie Pooh.

He may be trying to use Biggie Pooh to held him stand up. He tries to grab at his red shirt.

Since he couldn’t climb up Biggie Pooh, Simon tries to climb up Ron’s arm… Simon and the beanstalk!

Unfortunately he was not successful. He wasn’t grabbing onto Ron’s arm tight enough and didn’t have enough leg muscle to stand up. Although he is getting stronger every day!

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